Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holy crap true believers!

And yes, stan the man would probably frown on that- but still.

So it's been the usual 4-5 months (or more) since my last update... talk about the more things change...

I've taken a job in Houston Texas to work for an MSP that I've known for awhile. In the two months that I've been here, I've learned quite a bit about tech that I've only wished I could work with. For instance- the HUS series of SANs from Hitachi. Beautiful boxes, easy to physically install... and incredibly easy to configure. I never thought I'd find something as simple as iscsi-target, but I was definitely wrong.  Add on top of that, a crash course in hacking vCloud. That's right, today I get to migrate VM's under vCloud using the REST API's. Tons more details at virtuallyghetto, but the highlight is- make sure your datastores are visible to vCloud.

Inside vCloud, you have to do all your management using vCloud Director- a web based headache, but it has it's purposes. To add your new datastores, first you have to add them the usual way using vmware's viclient or via the web console- either will work fine. Next, you have to log in via the web to your vCloud Director- not fun if you've not done this before.

You'll have to login as a system administrator for your vCloud, and navigate to "manage & monitor", find "Provider vDCs" and then select the right provider. In here, you'll add your datastore.

Not quite brain surgery, but nerve wracking when you're convinced it's going to explode on you at a moment's notice.