Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gotta love how things work out

First, it turned out we've not moved to Oregon, but instead we wound up in Washington. Weird how that works out. Since we're in temporary housing at the moment, I haven't unpacked all of my equipment as yet. I've also not managed to order the gear I wanted. We've pretty much spent the past few weeks travelling up and down the coast, and tonight we introduced our youngest kids to the Goonies. We've been wandering around Astoria, trying to guess where this or that was filmed. It's been a lot of fun, and now the kids have gotten to see the film they are starting to understand our fascination with it. We've also been enjoying the bridges and coastline, both of which are amazing.

Hopefully in a few more weeks I'll actually have some news for you guys. I'll be going over several systems, including Xen, VMWare ESXi, and Oracle's logical domains. Hopefully I'll be doing so on a Supermicro quad node system. If... If If. We'll see how things work out from here.

and hopefully we'll be doing so from a house instead of from motel room to motel room.

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