Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just another day of fiting 28 hours into 24...

So, new corporate tasks involving exchange and sharepoint (my two more favorite pieces of software... not) in addition to fixing that blasted fence. Just had a cable locate done and found out that not only could I not dig up the busted off fence posts in my yard (the prior owner poured the concrete plugs over and around the current cable tv and phone trunks... for the entire neighborhood), but I can't place new ones either. No worries, I figured out a solution... I think.

Sharepoint and exchange is just a planning project, made easier with some pointers and spreadsheets from microsoft. I should have both well in hand shortly. Unfortunately it's taking time from other projects I need to get done, such as the drive RMA's for my lab servers, and the rack level monitoring project. I did manage to learn a few things I need to complete that task earlier today however. No new updates on the embedded projects, I'm still wrestling with a gumstix, a few arduino nano's and one basic stamp project. hopefully one will bear fruit before I decide to throw in the towel.

Other than that, not much to update, it's all still in progress.

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