Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three new spiceworks related projects in the near future

Which will probably culminate in the creation of a new blog while I teach myself how to do this (and share whatever I manage to learn with everyone else)-

Project 1: create plugin that will pull data from custom monitoring database, and allow it to be displayed in spiceworks, either as a dashboard widget, or as custom attributes on each related items entry. preferably both, with the creation of a rack level object as well.

Project 2: create plugin that will handle ticket expiration and escalation. By putting a due date on the ticket, the plugin will scan every 15 minutes, checking each open ticket for expiration. at a configurable time remaining point, an email will be sent out to the ticket assignee reminding them to get back to the ticket. If no action is taken by the time the ticket expires, the ticket will be reassigned to the next higher level.

Project 3: create plugin that will manage ticket workflow. This still hasn't gotten a good definition yet, so it's in limbo. problem is, this is the one that's due first. Amazing how that works isn't it?

If you haven't used, seen or heard of Spiceworks yet, go check it out! it's a great piece of software, and can make managing your network much less of a headache. If you're already using other solutions, I'd still check it out anyway, as there's always the chance you might find something you like better, or a feature you want that doesn't exist in yours. Or vice versa, there's nothing wrong with competition!

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